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About the Book
What Others are Saying about The Bell

A Fun Christmas story with a Great Message.
“A very simple yet incredibly profound story about restoration and worth. Every time I hear a bell ring or see a Salvation Army kettle, I will think of "Bella". I highly recommend getting this book, especially during the Christmas season.”
- Justin

A Great Read  
“A clean, simple and well written book with themes of restoration and reclamation that are simple enough for your kids to understand and poignant enough for adults to remember and take to heart. Well worth the price, highly recommend.”
- Robert

A Great Christmas Tradition
“A great, touching Christmas book with a beautiful message! A wonderful book to read each and every Christmas with your family!”
- Kristen

New Classic Holiday Item
“This book quickly became a new holiday classic in our household. Great message applicable for both young and old reminding us that it is more important to see what is on the inside verses outer appearances!”
- Janelle

A Fabulous Story
“This is a fabulous story about fear, renewal and self worth. Everyone who reads this will have a warm space in their heart when they see a Salvation Army Bell Ringer.”
- William

More About the Book

Something profound dawned on Salvation Army volunteer Scott Cornwell while he was bell ringing at the Mall of America in 2005: The broken bell he was holding was similar to the broken people served by The Salvation Army. Although both were damaged, both could be restored to make music again. That’s a central theme of Cornwell’s illustrated children’s book, “The Bell.”

The story is about a broken hand bell named Bella who is certain nobody loves her because she can no longer make a sound. But through the support of a kind old man named Mr. Peterson, she is restored and able to make music again.

“I wrote The Bell to help parents explain to their children that the holiday tradition of bell ringing has a deeper meaning,” said Cornwell, a father of two young girls. “The story of Bella happens every day. Thousands of broken lives are repaired thanks to volunteers and donors – the ‘Mr. Petersons’ of the world – who support The Salvation Army.”