Each year, millions of people pass by countless red kettles and bell ringers raising money for the Salvation Army. Many people see the ringers as distractions, some find joy in giving, and others see a meaningless and routine obligation.

In this compelling and simple children’s story, The Bell brings to life a small hand bell creating a central character named Bella. Helpless and afraid, Bella is certain she will never make a sound again unless someone can help restore her as a beautiful ringing bell. Read more

About Scott Cornwell

Scott Cornwell was volunteering at a Salvation Army bell ringing station at the Mall of America in 2005 when he noticed his bell had a broken stem that had been repaired with a washer and some wire. As he rang the bell and watched as donors placed change in the kettle, Bella was created.

The story of Bella happens every day. Thousands of lives are touched and transformed beginning with the hope and efforts of volunteers and the generosity of those who give to the Salvation Army.
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Excerpt from the Book

Stored in a dusty wooden box sitting high atop a shelf, there lived a small hand bell named Bella. Bella lived with other bells who all looked exactly the same.
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